Dial *732 to create a recording, or (for best results) upload a 16bit 8khz/16khz mono WAV file. Click here for the youtube video.

To view and set the pin number goto Dialplan > Dialplan Manager > Click on Recordings > pin_number=8675309 at the bottom.


Pin number is recomended but can be left empty if no pin number is desired then pin_number=

Create a Recording

  1. Dial *732 and wait for the voice prompt

  2. Enter the password (pin_number) followed by the pound sign# Enter at least a 3 digit number. This will label the recording file. (recording100.wav)

  3. start talking to make the recording after the voice prompt and press the pound key #

  4. Press 1 to accept the recording then hang up or press 2 to start over.


Edit Recording

  1. Click the edit pencil icon.

  2. Rename as needed.

  3. Click save to save the changes.


Applying Recordings

Once you have a recording made you can use the recordings in different area’s of FusionPBX. Custom IVR’s and phrases would be the typical uses.

Recordings Default Settings

Click the link above for Recordings default settings.