Operator Panel

Operator Panel is a simple and easy way to use the FusionPBX web interface to:

  • Make calls from.
  • See who is on a call.
  • Eavesdrop on a call.
  • Hangup your own call.
  • Drag and drop blind transfer an active call.
  • Drag and drop calling to other users.
  • Login and out of queues and call center.

You can see the status of other users also depending on what permissions are set to the user.



Make sure in Accounts > Extensions that the extension is assigned to the user. This will enable Operator Panel for that user.

Operator Panel Status

  • Available: The user will receive a call.
  • On Break: The user won’t receive a call but can still receive a call from other users that directly call.
  • Do Not Disturb: The user won’t receive any calls.
  • Logged Out: The user won’t receive any calls as they are logged out.