Bridge statements are used to send calls directly to other destinations like another PBX, Carrier or External SIP to TDM Gateway and more. The bridge statements are added to destination select list.

  • Click the Plus icon to add a bridge

  • Click the edit icon on the right to edit a bridge

  • Click the X to delete a bridge

Bridge Examples

Bridges are how ring groups are made. The code in FusionPBX simplifies that for you. You can however manually do what ring groups do and with bridges.

Bridge Statement advanced options

  • For multiple destinations. Multiple destinations are allowed as long as you use a , | or :_:

Comma , Means simultaneous
Pipe |  Means In a sequence
colon under score colon  :_: Means Enterprise

Loopback to an external number


Loopback to multiple external numbers simultaneously


To another sip server, sip gateway, or another carrier


To a user


Using LCR


Using variables


Using variables in sequence with a sip server


Using variables in sequence with a sip server