There are many ways to help the FusionPBX project.

What We Need:

  1. Developers

  2. Technical Writers

  3. Translators

  4. Quality Assurance Testers

  5. Documentors


If you are planning to contribute to any of our github repos we require that you sign the FusionPBX Contributor License Agreement. This mainly protects FusionPBX and our users read: you from code that could be inserted that might pose a legal problem. It does this by verifying that the code you are contributing is yours to give and the you give it freely and irrevocably to the project.

How to Get Started:

  1. Watch the “FusionPBX Pull Requests with Github” Youtube Video

  1. If you have a good handle on PHP, Lua or SQL Development Might be the thing for you head over to the Development Manual

  2. Are you a FusionPBX power user and do you possible love to write? Check out the Documentation Guide or the Testing Guide

  3. Would you like to see FusionPBX in your native language and have the time to commit to staying on top of translations for releases? Check out the translation section to learn how to use our translation server.


Contributing Code or Documentation requires knowledge of Git, Github and how to create pull requests on Github. This is not as bad as it sounds and if you are willing to learn we will help you through it.