QR and app provisioning with Zoiper
This menu add-on will enable the abliity to do QR provisioning from IOS or android Zoiper app. Zoiper has designed the process in a way that is cross platform. Fusionpbx has the ability to click the extension you want to provision and a link wil open to either download the app on multiple platforms or if you have the app installed on a mobile device you can use the QR code scanner to scan a QR image and the mobile is ready to use.
We will walk through the process

Zoiper.com account setup

There are two parts to make this function. http://oem.zoiper.com and Fusionpbx menu add-on.
This all adds a one-click install for both the Desktop and Mobile Zoiper APPs in the User Portal. The page is accessible by end users.
This can be done with the FREE Zoiper OEM account or can use the paid versions for more customization like branding.
2. Sign up for Login
3. Configure your Desktop and Mobile Apps with the information you want.
4. Then click “CONFIGURE” Under Desktop.
5. This will give you a LINK with a PAGE ID:(32 character)
7. Copy the page ID

Zoiper menu add-on for Fusionpbx

On your server
git clone https://github.com/fusionpbx/fusionpbx-apps
cp -R fusionpbx-apps/zoiper /var/www/fusionpbx/app
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/fusionpbx/app/zoiper
1. Log into the FusionPBX webpage
2. Advanced -> Upgrade
3. Menu Defaults and Permission Defaults.
4. Log out and back in
Advanced -> Default Settings
Note MYPAGEID and provider_id are two different sets of characters. You can also find these by going into the oem.zoiper.com login and click “view” on the moblie section.
The Do It Yourself way: make your own page with instructions

If you want to customize this page, you can do so, just make sure to embed this html code on your website:
<img src="https://oem.zoiper.com/qr.php?provider_id=>>>>>>>09876543210987654321098765432199<<<<<<<&u=&h=&p=&o=&t=&x=&a=&tr=" alt="QR image"  />
The easy way: send your customers to our landing page
Add a link on your website to this step by step tutorial on our website : (**click here** to see it in action).
<a href="https://www.zoiper.com/en/page/>>>>>>>>c1234567890123456789012345678901<<<<<<<?u=&h=&p=&o=&t=&x=&a=&tr=">Configuration instructions for Android and iOS</a>
 Goto Advanced -> Default Settings
 Add a Default Setting

 Category: zoiper
 Subcategory: page_id
 Type: text
 Value: (32 character MYPAGEID)
 Enabled: True

Category: zoiper
Subcategory: provider_id
Type: text
Value: (32 character provider_id)
Enabled: True
Goto Apps -> Zoiper
Superadmin will see a list of ALL USER EXTENSIONS
Users will only see the extensions assigned to them.
Click on a link and it will take you to the Zoiper Site. Follow instructions there to download and install.