Setting up a Htek SIP phone through the phone’s local http management portal.

  • Factory reset the phone (physically on the phone) by pressing menu button > Settings > Advanced Settings (default password is admin) > Phone Settings > Factory Reset > Press yes to continue.

  • Press Menu > Status > Information to get the phones ip address

  • Open a web browser and enter the phones ip address

  • Default login name and password is admin

  • Top menu click Management

  • Left menu click Auto Provision

  • Fill out the following fields:

    • Firmware Server Path:

    • Config Server Path:

    • HTTP/FTP/HTTPS UserName:

    • HTTP/FTP/HTTPS Password:

  • Click SaveSet

  • Click Autoprovision Now


Self Signed Certificates

Some additional settings need adjusted to provision with a self signed certificate.

  • Top menu click Management

  • Left menu click Trusted CA

  • Choose the following
    • Only Accept Trusted Certificates: OFF

    • Common Name Validation: OFF

    • Trusted Certificates: All Certificates