Cisco SPA

The following information can be used to provisioning Cisco SPA phones.

Basic URL

An example URL for provisioning URL for a Cisco SPA.$MA

HTTP Authentication

Phone web interface -> Provision - > Profile Rule

[--uid myUser --pwd myPass]$MA


Requires a Cisco Certificate that you will likely need to obtain from a Cisco distributor.

Browser Command

Use your web browser to send the following command to pass the provision the phone now and this will pass URL to the phone so it has the location neeeded for provisioning the device. In this example is the IP address of the phone and needs updated to use the correct tenant domain name.

No HTTP Authentication$MA

With HTTP Authentication–uid+admin+–pwd+555%5D$MA

DHCP Option

Use the DHCP Option 66 to deliver the provisioning URL to the phones without using the web interface.

Additional Information

More information can also be found at