On a new installation of FusionPBX, TLS for SIP is available to use once you run and make a few setting changes in FusionPBX.

Configure TLS

Configuration for SIP to use TLS can be achieved with the following steps.

  • First open an ssh terminal or console window.

  • cd /usr/src/

  • Execute

  • Login to your FusionPBX installation.

  • Go to Advanced > Variables.

  • Scroll down to SIP Profile: Internal (This can be done on any SIP Profile)

  • Set internal_ssl_enable value to true in lowercase.

  • Go to Status > SIP Status.

  • Click FLUSH CACHE at the top right.

  • Click Rescan on the profile.

  • You should now see at the right under State (RUNNING)(0)(TLS)