Password ResetΒΆ

Click here for the new youtube video on password recovery.

The current method to changing the superadmin password is actually to make a new superadmin user name and password.


In older installations of FusionPBX config.php is located in /var/www/fusionpbx/resources/

  1. Move the config.php file temporarily.
cat /etc/fusionpbx/config.php | grep password cd /etc/fusionpbx mv config.php config.backup.php

  1. Go to the FusionPBX install login page in the web browser. This will put FusionPBX into a recovery mode. click next.


You will type in your web browser either the ip hxxps:// or the domain name hxxps://sub.domain.tld .

  1. In this step, you create what you want for the new superadmin user and password. It has to be a user and password that does not already exist.
  1. Database Host, Database Port, Database name should be pre filled. To provide the Database Username and Database Password you will have to locate those in the config.php file that we moved eariler. The code block below shows an easy way to retrieve the database password. Once those are filled in click next.
cd /etc/fusionpbx
cat config1.php | grep password
       $db_password = 'databasepasswordfromconfig.php';
  1. You should have a new config.php file in the /etc/fusionpbx/ directory. Proceed to login to with the new superadmin user name and password.