Active Conferences

List all the conferences that are currently active with one or more members.

  • Click view to view the active conference.

  • Red ball icon: If illuminated the conference is being recorded.

  • Lock: Can lock the conference from anyone else joining.

  • Unmute All: Unmute all the members.

  • End Conference: End the conference.

  • CID Name: Caller ID Name

  • CID Number: Caller ID Number

  • Capabilities: Icons show what capabilities each member have like hear/mute, talking, and video.

  • Joined: How long ago the member joined.

  • Quiet: How long since the member was talking last.

  • Has Floor: Who is currently talking.

  • Mute: Mute a member.

  • Dead: Make it so the member can’t hear what is being said in the conference.

  • Kick: Kick the member from the conference.