Static Port

Menu -> NAT -> Advanced Outbound NAT (enabled)

set static port to yes


Firewall Optimization - Conservative

System -> Advanced -> Firewall NAT -> Firewall Optimization

select Conservative


Create Alias Ports in pfSense

  • Configure pfSense to open the necessary ports for FusionPBX and Freeswitch.

  • In pfSense navigate to Firewall >> Aliases and click on the Ports TAB.

Name:          PBX
Description:   FusionPBX
Type:          Ports
  • Then proceed to add the ports as follows.

Port          Description
80            HTTP
443           HTTPS
5060:5061     SIP Internal
5080:5081     SIP External
16384:32768   RTP
  • After you are finished Click SAVE.

Configure pfSense Port Forwarding

  • Click on the ‘+’ to ADD a new Entry.

  • Firewall >> NAT >> Port Forward: Add

Interface: WAN
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Destination: <<Select a Public IP from the List>>
Destination Port Range:
                     from: (Other) PBX
                     to:   (Other) PBX
Redirect target IP:
Redirect target port:  (Other) PBX
Description: FusionPBX
NAT reflection: Use system default
  • Click SAVE when done.

Configure FusionPBX

  • In FusionPBX

  • System >> Variables > IP Address Section

If you have a static public IP you can replace XX.XX.XX.XX with that IP.

external_rtp_ip   XX.XX.XX.XX
external_sip_ip   XX.XX.XX.XX

If you have a dynamic IP address you can get a Dynamic DNS from a company such as


Advanced >> SIP Profiles

Edit the Internal Profile and add

Name:    aggressive-nat-detection
Value:   true
Enabled: True

Status >> SIP Status Stop and Start the internal profile for the changes to take effect.