Used to define the information needed to assign SIP accounts and keys to provision the devices.

  • Click the plus icon to add a device.

  • Click the edit pencil icon to edit a device.

  • Enter the mac address of the phone.

  • Add a label.

  • Select from the drop down box the make/model.

  • Populate the lines section.

  • Populate the Key section.

  • (Optional) Populate the Settings section. These settings are the same as the variables from Advanced > Default Settings > Provisioning and can be overridden in this settings section. Just set the variable for the device you are adding.

  • Edit other fields as needed.

  • Click Save


Device Vendors

Vendors can be added or removed to help fine tune the devices page when configuring specific vendor phones.



Define a set of keys as a profile. Any changes to the profile effect all devices assigned to the profile.