Access Controls

Access control list can allow or deny ranges of IP addresses.


GUI to view and edit databases.

App Manager

Manage the applications that are installed.


To create a backup of the Source Paths below (defined in Default Settings), select the desired File Format and Target Type.


Provides a conventient way to execute system, PHP, and switch commands.


Database information.

Default Settings

Settings used for all domains.


Control the list of domains to manage.

Grammar Editor

Edit Grammar

Group Manager

Create users, set users permission levels and set options to make fields visible for edit or entry.


Modules extend the features of the system. Use this page to enable or disable modules.


Set notification preferences for FusionPBX project-related communication and other local system alerts.

PHP Editor

GUI editor to edit PHP files.

Provision Editor

GUI editor to edit phone config files.

Script Editor

GUI editor to edit scripts.


Advanced settings

SIP Profiles

Manage settings for SIP profiles.

SQL Query

Make SQL queries.


Select the actions below you wish to perform.

Source Code: Updates FusionPBX source files from the respository.
Schema: Checks to ensure table and field integrity in the database.
Data Types: Detects and updates incorrect field data types.
App Defaults: Executes the default settings for each application.
Menu Defaults: Restores the default items in the selected menu.
Permission Defaults: Restores default group permissions.


Define preprocessor variables here.

XML Editor

GUI to edit XML files