Old Install


CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW INSTALL http://docs.fusionpbx.com/en/latest/getting_started/installation_recommended_new.html

Welcome to the FUSIONPBX getting started guide. In this section we will show how to install FUSIONPBX. FUSIONPBX can be used on multiple different operating systems, databases, and web servers. In this guide we will show on Debian 8 (Jessie), Postgresql and NGINX. Please note to have a clean install. The install script will install everthing but the Operating System

1. Goto a console and follow the recomended steps from http://fusionpbx.com/download.php

cd /usr/src
apt-get install wget
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fusionpbx/fusionpbx-scripts/master/install/debian/install_fusionpbx.sh
chmod 755 install_fusionpbx.sh
./install_fusionpbx.sh install-both auto

2. The install script will apt-get update/upgrade the system and ask you a few questions

The pgsql username is fusionpbx
The pgsql database name is fusionpbx
Please provide a password for the fusionpbx user
Let's repeat that

It can take between 15-30 minutes to compile and install

3. Goto a web browser and enter the ip address

Now you'll need to manually finish the install and come back
This way I can finish up the last bit of permissions issues
Just go to
MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE PostgreSQL as your Database on the first page!!!
ON the Second Page:
Database Name: fusionpbx
Database Username: fusionpbx
Database Password: whateveryouentered
Create Database Username: Leave_Blank
Create Database Password: Leave_Blank

4. Web browser Installation part
Select Language:
 Pick your language. Click next

Freeswitch Detect:
 Detecting folder paths used

Don’t change anything here

Database Configuration:
 Click Execute

Don’t change anything here

Admin Login Configuration:
 Click Next

This will create the superadmin login that will be used in your web browser.

5. Goto Console and press enter

When PostgreSQL is configured come back and press enter.

The FusionPBX installation changed permissions of /usr/local/freeswitch/storage
Waiting on you to finish installation (via browser), I'll clean up
the last bit of permissions when you finish.Waiting on /var/www/fusionpbx/resources/config.php

/var/www/fusionpbx/resources/config.php Found!
Waiting 5 more seconds to be sure.
.....   Fixing...
Setting up Fail2Ban for FusionPBX

Installation Completed.  Now configure FreeSWITCH via the FusionPBX browser interface
Default login is (whatever you picked in the GUI install):
User: WhateverUsernameYouPicked
Password: YourPasswordYouPicked
Checking to see if FreeSWITCH is running!

Install Finished:

Login with the username and password you choose during the install


Note: To display the logo at the top and not in the menu

go to advanced -> default settings >  menu_style >  set to inline