Inbound destinations are the DID/DDI, DNIS or Alias for inbound calls. Click here for the youtube video

Configure Inbound Destinations: (This will auto-configure an Inbound Route also)


Outbound destinations can be created also.

Select Dialplan from the drop-down list and then click Destinations.

To add a destination click on the plus button on the right.


Enter the route information below and Click Save once complete.

  • Type: Inbound or Outbound. Choose if this is an inbound destination or outbound destination.

  • Destination: This is usually the DID a caller will call.

  • Context: This will usually be public.

  • Actions: Choose where the call will go after it enters FusionPBX.
    • Dialplans can also be used as an action. To enable a dialplan to be visable go to Dialplan > Dialplan Manager and edit a dialplan. Select True from the Destination field and click save. This applies to dialplans that have a value in the Number field.

  • Caller ID Name Prefix: Adds a name to the Caller ID that will display to the endpoint and call detail records.

  • Record: Record all calls made to the destination.

  • Account Code: Used in some billing systems.

  • Domain: The domain can be global to all domains or domain specific.

  • Enabled: Enabled will enable the destination or Disabled to disable the destination.

  • Description: A way to label and organize what the destination is for.

  • Inbound Routes


Optional: Replace ^(?:+?1)?(d{10})$ in Inbound Routes with either 0123456789 or a DID Number depending on the Route Destination setting.

Destinations Default Settings