Number Translations

Use this to translate numbers from the original number to a new number using regular expressions.

Activating mod-translate:
  • Install the package “freeswitch-mod-translate”. If using Debian Package then use the following command “apt install freeswitch-mod-translate”

  • Configure the module to your likes via the GUI: Advanced -> Number Translations.

  • Activate the module in FusionPBX Advanced -> Modules in the Applications section

The documentation for mod-translate can be found under

To use mod-translate to modify inbound calls before they hit the dialplan the following setting for the SIP-profile must be modified:

dialplan “XML” -> dialplan “Translate,XML”

With FreeSwitch 1.8.x it is now possible to specify the translation profile to be used: dialplan “XML” -> dialplan “Translate:my_profile1,XML”

To activate this setting, you must flush cache once and then restart or rescan each SIP-profile