Main Screen

  • Idx: Line number column.
  • Method: Type of SIP message column.
  • SIP From: SIP message From column.
  • SIP To: SIP message To column.
  • Msgs: Numerical amount of messages column.
  • Source: Source IP and port number column.
  • Destination: Destination IP and port number column.
  • Call State: Call identifier column.
  • ESC Quit: escape and quit sngrep.
  • Enter: Show more information about the highlighted line item.
  • Space: After pressing the spacebar, the line is selected. With this you can select multiple lines and can be used with the F2 save option.
  • F1 Help: Gives a help menu.
  • F2 Save: Option to save the current capture session dialogs to a .pcap or .txt to a specific path and file name.
  • F3 Search: Gives the option to search in a more specific and granular way.
  • F4 Extended: Gives an extended view.
  • F5 Clear: Clear the screen.
  • F7 Filter: Like search but with more options to filter the end result.
  • F8 Settings: Adjust SNGREP settings interface, capture options, call flow options, and EEP/HEP Homer options.
  • F10: Adjust what columns are displayed on the open sngrep window.


  • User-Agent: Most spam attempts will show an unwanted User-Agent like what is shown in this example.


../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep1.jpg ../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep_register.jpg

Registration Expanded

../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep_register_flow.jpg ../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep_register_flow1.jpg

Call Setup

../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep1.jpg ../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep_call_setup.jpg



200 OK


Call Completed

../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep1.jpg ../_images/fusionpbx_sngrep_call_setup3.jpg

F7 Filter


F8 Settings





Call Flow