Inbound destinations are the DID/DDI, DNIS or Alias for inbound calls. Click here for the youtube video

Configure Inbound Destinations: (This will auto-configure an Inbound Route also)

Select Dialplan from the drop-down list and then click Destinations.


Click on the


button on the right.


Enter the route information below and Click Save once complete.

Type: Inbound
Destination Number: ^(?:\+?1)?(\d{10})$
Action: Select desired destination from the drop-down list.  We choose "Extension 100" in our example.
This is where the call will route to.
Enabled: true
Description: VoiceTel-in

Optional: Replace ^(?:\+?1)?(\d{10})$ in Inbound Routes with either 0123456789 or a DID Number
depending on the Route Destination setting.