Access Controls

Access control list can allow or deny ranges of IP addresses. There are several purposes for using the ACL.

  • The main purpose is for your carriers ip addresses.
  • Be careful with what and how you use ACL.
  • Most common mistakes result in calls not working between extensions and other undesirable results.
  • Be sure to keep Domains access control to default deny.
  • Do not put your public ip or phone IP addresses in the domains access control list.
  • Don’t supply both the domain and the cidr on the same node.
  • If adding a single IP address to the CIDR field make sure to add /32 on the end of the IP address.

Access Control Example

Goto Advanced > Access Controls. Click the edit icon for domains. At the bottom under nodes click the plus icon.

Type choose allow
CIDR enter the 123.456.789.000/32
Domain (Leave Blank, used for advanced scenarios)
Description (Carrier Name)

Click save

Goto > Status > Sip Status and click reloadacl.

Under Status > log viewer you should notice the ip added. This can be seen also from command line fs_cli by using reloadacl

[NOTICE] switch_utils.c:545 Adding 123.456.789.000/32 (allow) [] to list domains