Voicemail specific default settings.

Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
voicemail_file text attach true Define whether to attach voicemail files to email notifications, or only include a link.
keep_local boolean true true Define whether to keep voicemail files on the local system after sending attached via email.
storage_type text base64 false Define which storage type (base_64 stores in the database).
message_max_length numeric 300 true Maximum length of a voicemail (in seconds).
password_length numeric 8 true The default length of characters in a voicemail password.
display_domain_name boolean true false Enable display of @domain_name after voicemail_id when rendering emails.
remote_access boolean false true Allow access to the voicemail menu with the correct voicemail password.
message_order text asc true Set message order to asc to play oldest message first or desc to play newest message first.
password_complexity boolean true false Enforce voicemail password complexity.
password_min_length numeric 4 false Minimum voicemail password length.
smtp_from text   true SMTP From: specific to Voicemail.
smtp_from_name text   true SMTP From: Name specific to Voicemail.
not_found_message boolean false true Default for not found message.
greeting_max_length numeric 90 true Maximum length of a voicemail greeting (in seconds).