SMTP2GO is a paid email service for sending email. They do however have 1,000 free messages a month and paid plans that are reasonable.

  1. Sign up for the service
  1. After you confirm your email, sign in. You can create an smtp user at this screen or in the next step.
  1. Go to Settings > Users and create an smtp user or additional smtp users.
  1. You can set authentication by ip address. It’s a good idea to set the limit here also from Unlimited to match which plan you choose.
  1. Set the domain to your domain to make delivery seem as it came right from your own mail server. This can help sending to strict email domains.
  1. From your FusionPBX server install go to Advanced > Default Settings > Email section.
Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
smtp_host text True email providers server address
smtp_from text True smtp from emaill address
smtp_port numeric 587 True port number of the mail server provider
smtp_from_name text Voicemail True smtp from name
smtp_auth text TRUE True smtp auth is required
smtp_username text True Use the full email address
smtp_password text   True typically the email password
smtp_secure text tls True tls or ssl depending on the provider.
smtp_validate_certificate boolean TRUE True set to false to ignore SSL certificate warnings e.g. for self-signed certificates
method text sendmail False smtp|sendmail|mail|qmail