In the Provisioning section, there are a few key options that have to be set in order to turn auto provisioning on.

  • enabled: Must be enabled and set to value true and enabled True. It is disabled by default.
  • http_auth_username: Must be enabled and set to your desired admin username and enabled True. It is disabled by default. Be sure to use a strong username.
  • http_auth_password: Must be enabled and set to your desired admin password and enabled True. It is disabled by default. Be sure to use a strong password.
Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
fanvil_time_zone text -20 TRUE Time zone ranges
fanvil_time_zone_name text UTC-5 TRUE Time zone name example United States-Eastern Time
fanvil_location numeric 4 TRUE Used with time zone and time zone name
fanvil_realm text enter a value FALSE enter a value
fanvil_greeting text FusionPBX TRUE Name at top left of screen 0~12 characters
fanvil_date_display numeric 3 TRUE value 0-13 Date Format
fanvil_time_display numeric 1 TRUE 1=12hr 0=24hr
fanvil_wifi_enable numeric 0 TRUE 1=on 0=off
fanvil_stun_port numeric 3478 TRUE enter a stun port number
grandstream_call_waiting text 0 TRUE Call Waiting 0=enabled 1=disable
contact_grandstream boolean TRUE FALSE Enable Address Book for Grandstream based on users and groups assigned to contact.
grandstream_gxp_time_zone text auto TRUE See provision profile for codes.
grandstream_check_sip_user_id text 1 TRUE GXV Android phones - fix auto-ring bug.
grandstream_config_server_path text none FALSE to Fusionpbx provisioning. Phones will use firmware url if this is set to: none
grandstream_firmware_path text TRUE Grandstream firmware and provision.
grandstream_lan_port_vlan text 1 FALSE Default VLAN for phone LAN port.
grandstream_pc_port_vlan text 1 FALSE Default VLAN for phone PC port.
grandstream_ldap_base_dn text dc=mydomain,dc=com FALSE Base DN
grandstream_ldap_display_name text givenName sn title FALSE Which named attributes to display on device. Must be pulled in through grandstream_ldap_name_attr.
grandstream_ldap_mail_attr text mail FALSE Mail attribute returned to phone
grandstream_ldap_mail_filter text (mail=%) FALSE Search filter for mail lookups
grandstream_ldap_name_attr text givenName sn title mail FALSE The NAME attributes returned in the LDAP search result available to device
grandstream_ldap_name_filter text (cn=%) FALSE Search filter for name lookups
grandstream_ldap_number_attr text telephoneNumber mobile homePhone FALSE Number attributes returned to the phone.
grandstream_ldap_number_filter text (|(telephoneNumber=%)(homePhone=%)(moblie=%)) FALSE Search filter for number lookups.
grandstream_ldap_password text super-secret FALSE Ldap bind user password.
grandstream_ldap_server text FALSE Ldap server host name
grandstream_ldap_user_base text ou=users,dc=mydomain,dc=com FALSE Ldap base for users.
grandstream_ldap_username text cn=pbxadmin,dc=mydomain,dc=com FALSE Ldap server bind username
grandstream_phonebook_download_interval text 720 TRUE 0=disabled, 5-720 minutes
grandstream_qos_rtp text 5 FALSE Layer 2 QoS 802.1p Priority Value for RTP media
grandstream_qos_sip text 3 FALSE Layer 2 QoS 802.1p Priority Value for SIP signaling
grandstream_sip_only_known_servers text 1 TRUE GXV Android phones - fix auto-ring bug.
grandstream_stun_server text TRUE Bug in Grandstream where null stun_server defaults to sip server/port
grandstream_validate_incoming_sip text 1 TRUE GXV Android phones - fix auto-ring bug.
grandstream_wallpaper_url text FALSE Wallpaper Image JPEG 480x272 16-bit depth dithered
grandstream_bluetooth_power text 1 FALSE Bluetooth Power - 0 - Off, 1 - On, 2 - Off & Hide Menu From LCD
grandstream_bluetooth_handsfree text 1 FALSE Bluetooth Handsfree - 0 - Off, 1 - On
grandstream_auto_attended_transfer text 1 TRUE Attended Transfer Mode. 0 - Static, 1 - Dynamic. Default is 0
grandstream_syslog_server text   FALSE Syslog Server (name of the server, max length is 64 characters)
grandstream_syslog_level text 0 FALSE Syslog Level. 0 - NONE, 1 - DEBUG, 2 - INFO, 3 - WARNING, 4 - ERROR. Default is 0
grandstream_send_sip_log text 0 FALSE Send SIP Log. 0 - Do not send SIP log in Syslog, 1 - Send SIP log in Syslog if configured and set to DEBUG level. Default is 0
grandstream_screensaver text 1 TRUE Screensaver. 0 - No, 1 - Yes, 2 - On if no VPK is active. Default is 1
grandstream_screensaver_source text 0 TRUE Screensaver Source. 0 - Default, 1 - USB, 2 - Download. Default is 0. –for GXP2140/2160/2170 only
grandstream_screensaver_show_date_time text 1 TRUE Show Date and Time. 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is 1
grandstream_screensaver_timeout text 5 TRUE Screensaver Timeout. Minutes 3-60
grandstream_screensaver_server_path text   FALSE Screensaver Server Path
grandstream_screensaver_xml_download_interval text 0 FALSE Screensaver XML Download Interval Number: 5 - 720. Default is 0 (disable auto downloading)
grandstream_srtp text 0 TRUE SRTP Mode. 0 - Disabled, 1 - Enabled but not forced, 2 - Enabled and forced, 3 - Optional. Default is 0
htek_time_zone text 18 TRUE Time zone 18=EST 14=CST 6=PST 9,10=MST
htek_dst numeric 1 TRUE DST off=0 on=1 auto=2
htek_date_display_format numeric 1 TRUE Year-Month-Day=0 Month-Day-Year=1 Day-Month-Year=2
htek_time_format numeric 1 TRUE 1=12hr 0=24hr
polycom_digitmap text [*]xxxx|[2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[0-1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[1-9]xxT|**x.T FALSE  
polycom_call_waiting text 1 TRUE Call Waiting 1=enabled 0=disable
cidr array FALSE  
http_auth_username text admin TRUE  
http_auth_type text digest TRUE  
enabled text TRUE TRUE  
cidr array FALSE  
auto_insert_enabled boolean TRUE FALSE  
http_auth_disable boolean FALSE FALSE  
admin_name text   FALSE  
admin_password text   FALSE  
path text   FALSE  
outbound_proxy_primary text   FALSE  
outbound_proxy_secondary text   FALSE  
line_sip_port numeric 5060 TRUE  
line_sip_transport text tcp TRUE  
daylight_savings_enabled boolean TRUE TRUE  
daylight_savings_start_month text 3 TRUE  
daylight_savings_start_weekday text 7 TRUE  
daylight_savings_start_time text 2 TRUE  
daylight_savings_stop_weekday text 7 TRUE  
daylight_savings_stop_time text 2 TRUE  
http_domain_filter boolean TRUE TRUE  
contact_users boolean TRUE FALSE  
contact_groups boolean TRUE FALSE  
number_as_presence_id text TRUE TRUE  
ntp_server_primary text TRUE  
ntp_server_secondary text TRUE  
spa_time_zone text GMT-07:00 TRUE  
spa_time_format text 12hr TRUE 12hr,24hr
spa_date_format text day/month TRUE  
spa_back_light_timer text 30 s TRUE  
spa_handle_via_rport text Yes TRUE  
spa_insert_via_rport text Yes TRUE  
spa_call_waiting text Yes TRUE Call Waiting Yes=enabled No=disable
spa_feature_key_sync text No TRUE Feature Key Sync Yes=enabled No=disable
spa_dual_registration text No TRUE Dual Registration Yes=enabled No=disable
spa_register_when_failover text No TRUE Auto register when failover Yes=enabled No=disable
snom_call_waiting text on TRUE Call Waiting on=enabled off=disable visual only and ringer
nway_conference text TRUE FALSE N-Way conferencing for devices supporting network conference uri
vtech_vlan_wan_enable text 0 FALSE Enable vlan=1
vtech_vlan_wan_id text 1 FALSE VLAN ID
vtech_vlan_wan_priority text 0 FALSE VLAN Priority
stun_server text   FALSE STUN server address
stun_port numeric 3478 FALSE STUN server port
aastra_gmt_offset numeric 0 TRUE Aastra timezone offset in minutes (e.g. 300 = GMT-5 = Eastern Standard Time)
aastra_time_format numeric 0 TRUE Aastra clock format
aastra_date_format numeric 0 TRUE Aastra date format
yealink_time_zone text -5 FALSE Time zone ranges from -11 to +12
yealink_time_zone_name text United States-Eastern Time FALSE Time zone name example United States-Mountain Time
yealink_time_format text 1 FALSE 0-12 Hour, 1-24 Hour
yealink_rport boolean 1 TRUE Send the response back to the source it came from.
yealink_session_timer boolean 0 TRUE SIP Session Timers
yealink_retransmission boolean 0 TRUE Retransmission
yealink_subscribe_mwi_to_vm boolean 1 TRUE subscribe to the voicemail MWI 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled
yealink_srtp_encryption text 0 TRUE  
yealink_rfc2543_hold numeric 0 FALSE Default 0
yealink_blf_led_mode numeric 0 FALSE The value is 0(default) or 1.
yealink_trust_ctrl numeric 1 TRUE (0-Disabled;1-Enabled)
yealink_direct_ip_call_enable numeric 0 FALSE (0-Disabled;1-Enabled)
yealink_hide_feature_access_codes_enable numeric 0 FALSE (0-Disabled;1-Enabled)
yealink_voice_mail_popup_enable numeric 0 FALSE Display Voice Mail Popup
yealink_missed_call_popup_enable numeric 0 FALSE Display Missed Call Popup
yealink_cid_source numeric 0 TRUE The type of SIP header(s) to carry the caller ID; 0-FROM (default), 1-PAI 2-PAI-FROM, 3-PRID-PAI-FROM, 4-PAI-RPID-FROM, 5-RPID-FROM
yealink_dtmf_hide numeric 1 TRUE 0-Disabled 1-Enabled
yealink_sip_listen_port numeric 5060 FALSE 5060 default
yealink_firmware_url text TRUE Base URL for Yealink Firmware. Download from
yealink_firmware_cp860 text cp860- TRUE Filename of the CP860 firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_cp960 text cp960- TRUE Filename of the CP960 firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t29g text t29g- TRUE Filename of the T29G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t38g text t38g- TRUE Filename of the T38G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t40g text t40g- TRUE Filename of the T40G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t40p text t40p- TRUE Filename of the T40P firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t41s text t41s- TRUE Filename of the T41S firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t42g text t42g- TRUE Filename of the T42G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t42s text t42s- TRUE Filename of the T42S firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t46g text t46g- TRUE Filename of the T46G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t46s text t46s- TRUE Filename of the T46S firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t48g text t48g- TRUE Filename of the T48G firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t48s text t48s- TRUE Filename of the T48S firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t49g text t49g- TRUE Filename of the T49Gfirmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t54s text T54S(T52S)- TRUE Firmware tested 2017-11-26
yealink_firmware_t56a text t56a- TRUE Filename of the T56A firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t58a text t58a- TRUE Filename of the T58A firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t58v text t58v- TRUE Filename of the T58V firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_vp530 text vp530- TRUE Filename of the VP530 firmware ROM
yealink_network_vpn_enable boolean 1 FALSE (0-Disabled;1-Enabled)
yealink_ip_address_mode numeric 0 FALSE IP Address mode 0-ipv4, 1-ipv6, 2-ipv4&ipv6
yealink_lldp_enable boolean 0 FALSE LLDP 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled
yealink_cdp_enable boolean 0 FALSE CDP 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled
yealink_overwrite_mode boolean 0 TRUE Overwrite Mode 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled
yealink_dsskey_length numeric 0 TRUE DSS Key Label Length Default-0 Extended-1 Mid Range-2
yealink_feature_key_sync numeric 0 TRUE Enable or disable the feature key synchronization; 0-Disabled (default) 1-Enabled
yealink_predial_autodial boolean 0 TRUE Auto dial after digit timeout 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
yealink_ring_type text custom.wav FALSE custom ring tone (Busy.wav);
yealink_ringtone_delete text http://localhost/all,delete FALSE http://localhost/all,delete all the customized ring tones
daylight_savings_start_day text 11 TRUE  
daylight_savings_stop_month text 11 TRUE  
daylight_savings_stop_day text 4 TRUE  
http_auth_password array 555 TRUE  
fanvil_stun_server text example.domain.tld FALSE enter a server name or ip
grandstream_dns_mode text 1 FALSE DNS Mode 0=A; 1=SRV; 2=NAPTR/SRV;
grandstream_global_contact_groups text contacts_elementary,contacts_facilities,contacts_other,contacts_secondary FALSE List of contact groups that every phone will have access to. Namely building sites.
grandstream_nat_traversal text 0 TRUE NAT Traversal. 0 - No, 1 - STUN, 2 - keep alive, 3 - UPnP, 4 - Auto, 5 - VPN
grandstream_phonebook_xml_server_path text TRUE Grandstream Phonebook Server Path - NOTE template adds MAC on the end of this if contact_grandstream is enabled. This also requires nginx rewrite rules for phonebook.xml
polycom_gmt_offset text   FALSE 3600 * GMT offset
polycom_feature_key_sync numeric 0 TRUE Feature Key Sync 1=enabled 0=disable
voicemail_number text *97 TRUE  
line_register_expires numeric 120 TRUE  
contact_extensions boolean TRUE FALSE allow extensions to be provisioned as contacts as in provision templates
spa_dial_plan text (*xxxxxxx|*xxxxxx|*xxxxx|*xxxx|*xxx|*xx*|*x|**xxxxx|**xxxx|**xxx|**xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.) TRUE  
spa_secure_call_setting text No TRUE spa secure call No or Yes
snom_time_zone text USA-7 FALSE
yealink_date_format text 3 FALSE 0-WWW MMM DD (default), 1-DD-MMM-YY, 2-YYYY-MM-DD, 3-DD/MM/YYYY, 4-MM/DD/YY, 5-DD MMM YYYY, 6-WWW DD MMM
yealink_outbound_proxy_fallback_interval numeric 3600 FALSE Integer from 0 to 65535
yealink_missed_call_power_led_flash_enable numeric 0 FALSE (0-Disabled:power indicator LED is off;1-Enabled:power indicator LED is solid red)
yealink_firmware_t41p text t41p- TRUE Filename of the T41P firmware ROM
yealink_firmware_t52s text t52s- TRUE Filename of the T52Sfirmware ROM
yealink_openvpn_url text hxxps://replace-this.url/openvpn.tar FALSE (URL within 511 characters)
yealink_ringtone_url text custom.wav FALSE Before using this parameter, you should store the desired ring tone (custom.wav) to the provisioning server
yealink_call_waiting text 0 TRUE Call Waiting 1=enabled 0=disable
grandstream_dial_plan text {x+|*x+|*++|park+*x+|flow+*x+} TRUE Define the digits that are allowed to be called.