Goto Advanced > Default Settings and under the Email Section. Make sure these settings are enabled. Once these values are set press the Reload button at the top right of the page.

  • There is a good chance you will have to do this via command line on your FusionPBX install
  • If you have a headless install(no desktop gui) then you will have to install lynx. Lynx is a command line web browser. For Debian you would type the example below. Follow the prompts for email address and password.
apt-get install lynx
Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
smtp_host text True email providers server address
smtp_from text True smtp from emaill address
smtp_port numeric 587 True port number of the mail server provider
smtp_from_name text Voicemail True smtp from name
smtp_auth text true True smtp auth is required
smtp_username text True Use the full email address
smtp_password text   True typically the email password
smtp_secure text tls True tls or ssl depending on the provider.
smtp_validate_certificate boolean true True set to false to ignore SSL certificate warnings e.g. for self-signed certificates
method text smtp True smtp|sendmail|mail|qmail

To see if there are any failed email attempts goto Status > Emails. Once the issue causing the emails to fail is found you can click to resent them.


The log is stored in the /tmp directory.