Domain specific defaults.

Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
dial_string text {sip_invite_domain=${domain_name},leg_timeout=${call_timeout},presence_id=${dialed_user}@${dialed_domain}}${sofia_contact(*/${dialed_user}@${dialed_domain})} TRUE The dial string used
template name default TRUE The template used
menu uuid b4750c3f-2a86-b00d-b7d0-345c14eca286 TRUE The menu uuid
language code en-us TRUE Choose the language
cidr array   FALSE Allow only specific ip addresses access
country code us TRUE The country code
bridge text outbound TRUE outbound,loopback,lcr
paging numeric 100 TRUE Set the maximum number of records displayed per page. (Default: 50)
time_zone name America/Los_Angeles TRUE Time zone used. Follows UNIX format