CDR Stat hour limit, call leg, format, limit, http_enabled, archive database, and storage type settings can be set here.

Default Setting Subcategory Default Setting Name Default Setting Value Default Setting Enabled Default Setting Description
stat_hours_limit numeric 24 FALSE  
b_leg array outbound FALSE  
b_leg array inbound FALSE  
b_leg array local FALSE  
format text json TRUE  
limit numeric 800 TRUE  
http_enabled boolean TRUE TRUE  
archive_database_driver text pgsql FALSE Archive Database Driver
archive_database_host text   FALSE IP/Hostname of Archive Database
archive_database_password text   FALSE Archive Database Password
archive_database_port text 5432 FALSE Archive Database Port
archive_database_username text   FALSE Archive Database Username
storage text db TRUE  
archive_database boolean FALSE FALSE Enable Dedicated CDR Database Access
archive_database_name text fusionpbx FALSE Archive Database Name