Active Call Center

Select a Call Center Queue from the list below to view its activity.

Active Calls

Use this to monitor and interact with the active calls.

Active Conferences

List all the conferences that are currently active with one or more members.

Active Queues

List all the queues that are currently active with one or more callers.

Agent Status

List all the call center agents with the option to change the status of one or more agents.

CDR Statistics

Call Detail Records Statics summarize the call information.


Manage failed email messages.

Extension Summary

Extenson number, Number Alias, Missed, No Answer, Busy, ALOC, Inbound Calls, Inbound Duration, Outbound Calls, Outbound Duration and Description.

Log Viewer

View recent PBX activity and option to download the logs.


View the devices that are registered. This will show User, Agent, IP, Port Number, Hostname and Status. You can also UNREGISTER, PROVISION and REBOOT supported devices from here.


Shows a list of processes, the status of the process and provides control to start and stop the process.

SIP Status

This will show sofia status of internal, internal-ipv6, external, and external-ipv6 profiles. With profiles you can see REGISTRATIONS, and START/RESTART/RESCAN/FLUSH REGISTRATIONS. You can also FLUSH MEMCACHE, RELOAD ACL, RELOAD XML and REFRESH. View UP time, sessions since startup, max sessions, and current stack size/max.

System Status

System Information, FusionPBX Version, Git Version, Switch Version, Memory Information, CPU Information, Hard Drive Information and Memcache Information.

Traffic Graph

A browser (or plugin) that supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is required to view the traffic graph.