Rebasing a branch with GitHubΒΆ

Welcome to the rebasing a branch with GitHub guide.

1. Open the GitHub client application and make sure you are on the branch you want to rebase


Select the setting icon and choose Open on Git Shell


You will be presented with a new shell


2. Next execute the following two commands and notepad will appear

git fetch --all
git rebase --ignore-date --interactive fusionpbx/master

change the first commit to reword and the following commit(s) to fixup (similar to screenshot below)


Close and save the text, next it will pop up another notepad for the commit message. Enter the commit title on the first line, leave a line blank and enter the commit message (similar to screenshot below)


Close and save the text again.

3. Switch back to the github client and switch between history/changes to make it update and check it has done what you want.


4. If the changes are correct switch back to the git shell and execute this to push the changes

git push --force-with-lease

All done!