Ring Group

A ring group is a set of destinations that can be called with a ring strategy.

To add a ring group click the plus. Click for the youtube video .

  • Name Simply the meaningful name of the Ring group (shows after the Extension in menu selections).
  • Extension The Dial-able extension for this group standard config states as a 2-7 number extension.
  • Strategy The selectable way in which the destinations are being used.
  • Simultaneous Rings all defined Destinations.
  • Sequence Where order that is lower goes first.
  • Enterprise Works with follow me.
  • Rollover calls destinations in sequence and skips busy destinations.
  • Random A random destination will ring.
  • Destinations The extensions that this ring group applies to.
  • Prompt Where you determine if the call must have a dial to confirm before a pickup event.
  • CID Name Prefix The string that is added to the caller ID when it displays on the ringing extension.
  • CID Number Prefix The Number that is added to the caller ID when it displays on the ringing extension.
  • Ring Back What the caller hears when they are waiting for the Destinations to answer.
  • Context The grouping that this ring group will search as specified in the configuration of your Extensions (if this excludes an extension it will not ring)

Ring Group Example

In our example we will have 4 extensions all ring at the same time until one of them pick up first. Click the + to create a ring group. Fill in the fields that are in bold. In the Extension box type a number that is NOT allready created. This new extention won’t be in the extension list. The strategy will be Simultaneous. Enter in the destination the 4 extensions 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004.