Gateways provide access into other voice networks. These can be voice providers or other systems that require SIP registration. Check out the Youtube video .

In this example we will be using VoiceTel . Each Gateway provider has their own setings to use.


Select Accounts from the drop-down list and click on Gateways.

../_images/fusionpbx_gateway.jpg ../_images/fusionpbx_gateway1.jpg

Click the


button on the right. Enter the gateway information below and Click on Save once complete.

Gateway: VoiceTel
Username: 0123456789
Password: 1b3d5f7h9j
From user: 0123456789
From domain:
Register: true
Enabled: true



When the hostname is set the gateway will only start on the matching server with same hostname. If the hostname is left blank the gateway will start regardless of the server’s hostname.